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Unique wedding stationery
for the sentimental dreamers

Creating unforgettable Icelandic wedding stationery that tells your story in an authentic way and becomes part of your epic elopement in Iceland.

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Have you searched everywhere but not found any stationery that calls to you and tells your story? I know exactly how you feel and that's why I'm here to help you create stationery that is unique, elegant and will make you and all your guests excited for your wedding. or elopement in Iceland.

Andartakid specializes in high-quality wedding stationery and was founded with the goal of offering something new, something that does not exist in Iceland already and offering an excellent experience and selection. We are for the bride and groom who value beauty and want the stationery on their wedding day to be a reflection of them and something that no one has seen before, loves to delve into every detail and wants to have things up to ten. We are here to create more than just beautiful paper but a design that tells your story and leaves lasting memories in everyone's minds.

Our belief is that you should not have to stress over all the steps involved in designing your invitation, such as choosing the right paper, color, wording and putting it together. It can take an incredible amount of time and we want to help you do less and enjoy planning the rest, as there is plenty of other things to choose and do. That's why we put all the suites together ourselves, to ensure quality and simplify your life throughout the process. But of course, you get a copy of everything to own and admire forever and our goal is always that you come out of this process very happy with the result and the wonderful feedback you get.


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Thank you for making our wedding unforgettable for both us and our guests!

The invitations that Alina specially designed for our wedding in the summer of 2021 were indescribably beautiful and the response from our guests was unparalleled - the invitations became an experience that set the tone for the upcoming festival. It is an invaluable feeling to come into the homes of relatives and friends and still see our invitation cards there, many months after they were sent out, some even framed. Every time we look at the cards we get butterflies in our stomachs and remember the preparation time for our wedding 



I make unique stationery and your vision a reality.

It was only a few years ago (2019) that I married my lovely husband and after the wedding I did not want to let this industry out of my life at all and something ignited inside me. A year later I was fired from an industry I had no interest in being in and I found nothing more exciting than starting a  a company that specializes in wedding stationery and helping couples share their love and story through paper.

"The same as them" is not in my vocabulary. Whether we're starting from scratch or from one of our ready-made designers, my goal is to make your stationery truly unique to you - and make your life much less stressful along the way.

I live in Reykjavik with my husband and my main goal from the beginning is to create something new and unique in this market and work with wonderful people like you.


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