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By visiting the website, you agree to our terms of privacy and security.

The owner of is Alina Vilhjálmsdóttir, id. 2302934499, Faxafen 10, 108 Reykjavík.

VAT number: 137458.

General Terms and Conditions
  • All products are sold with full warranty according to the Act on Consumer Purchases no. 48/2003.

  • Warranty is based on the date of the purchase note.

  • A bill of sale is required when a warranty needs to be confirmed.

  • Warranty does not cover normal wear and tear.

  • The warranty is void if failure can be attributed to bad or incorrect handling.


Dispute Policy
  • An order is binding when it is registered on the seller's server. It happens when the buyer has confirmed the order in a step. 3. The seller is also bound to process the buyer's order as long as it is in accordance with the product selection and pricing. All orders suspected of cheating and/or affected by a software bug are cancelled. The buyer has the right to cancel the purchase according to Act on Consumer Purchases,  see more in article 11.  

  • The seller sends the buyer a confirmation when the order is registered, but only if the buyer has registered his email address during the purchase. The buyer is advised to read the order confirmation carefully when it arrives. It should also be verified that it is consistent with the intended order.   Deviations from the order and order confirmation shall be interpreted as a new offer from the seller that can be rejected or accepted. The buyer also has the right to leave the original order valid as long as it is consistent with what the seller offered.

  • The seller provides information about products to the best of his knowledge at all times. The seller publishes all information subject to faults, viruses, printing, display and typing errors in text, prices and images. Furthermore, the seller reserves the right to cancel the buyer's order in whole or in part if the product is sold out. Under those circumstances, the buyer will receive a notification along with information about what might be suitable  instead. The buyer then has the option to accept that proposal or cancel the order as a whole.  

  • Prices are constantly changing at the seller due to competition and supplier price changes. Price increases that occur after a customer's order are not refundable. The price that was valid when the order was made and appears on the order confirmation applies. The total cost is stated before the buyer finally confirms the order (step 3 in the online store). It includes all the costs of the order, such as service, shipping, etc. Only special cases may incur additional costs after order confirmation. Examples include malfunctions, viruses, printing, display and typing errors in text, prices and images.  

  • Payment can be made by bank transfer or  payment card. If payment is made by credit card, the amount is debited when the order is processed from stock. If payment is not received, the seller reserves the right to cancel the order. If payment is made by bank transfer, products are held in stock until payment is received. Products are reserved for 1 day due to holidays, if the transfer is not received within that time, the order is cancelled.  

  • Delivery is considered to be within the normal time limit from the date of issue of the invoice. It is stated in the purchase process what can be expected based on the selected shipping method. If the delivery is delayed, the seller will notify the buyer of this along with information about when the order will be ready for delivery or offer replacement products if the product is sold out.   All orders over ISK. 20,000 requires the signature of the account holder against the presentation of identity documents ie. passport or driver's license. Orders under ISK. 20,000 are handed over to the party at the point of delivery. If no one is around, the order is inserted through the letterbox if possible. All damage to products by the carrier is their responsibility and fully compensated to the customer. Damage after the product has been delivered is the buyer's responsibility. If the home delivery of the product proves ineffective, you can request a new delivery time. If the delivery proves to be unsuccessful the second time, the product is taken into storage until it is picked up. Storage time is based on 2 weeks, after which Andartakik reserves the right to cancel purchases. If circumstances require the product to be stored, a monthly storage fee of 5% of the product's amount is required.  

  • After the buyer has received the order, he must check whether it is in accordance with the order confirmation, whether anything has been damaged in transit and that all products are according to the product description and free of defects. These terms assume that the buyer has read and familiarized himself with the instructions and/or manual that come with the purchased product upon delivery. The customer's normal observation time is considered to be within 30 days. After 30 days, the seller reserves the right to verify the buyer's statement within a reasonable time limit before resolving the buyer's complaint. In most cases, this involves an examination by an authorized service provider.  

  • If the product is defective or something is missing, the seller is obliged to offer the buyer a repair, a new product, a discount or a cancellation of the purchase. It depends on the circumstances which way is chosen in each case.  Notification of defects must be received verbally or in writing. It is recommended that the notification is received within 30 days of the discovery of the defect. Due to record value, it is recommended that the buyer send an email about the defect and keep a copy. The seller sends back confirmation of receipt of the email. The right to have the defect corrected is for 2 years. The right to complain is 5 years, but only on products with an approved average life of more than 2 years. The seller reserves the right to verify that the product is defective, however within a reasonable time limit.


Return deadline and right of refund
  • The right to return products is up to 30 days upon presentation of an invoice.

  • Please note that sale items cannot be returned or exchanged.

  • Product is the property of Andartak until it has been fully paid for. 

  • Upon product return, a credit note is issued that is valid in Andartak's online stores.

  • Custom branded products or printed correspondence cannot be returned

  • Special order items cannot be returned


Privacy policy

The privacy of our customers is very important to Andartakin, and we do our best to ensure that our customers' personally identifiable information is kept in the safe hands of professionals. This privacy policy covers the recording of personally identifiable data, the storage and processing of the data we have about our customers. The sharing of data to third parties is also discussed. The policy shall be accessible to everyone on the company's website,

This privacy policy is based on the requirements set forth in the Act on Personal Protection and Handling of Personal Information, no. 90/2018. According to the law, it is clear that Andartakin is the responsible party for the personally identifiable data that the company has under its control. The law also covers, among other things, the storage, processing and sharing of the personally identifiable information that the company has under its control.

Collection of personal information:
Andartak may have personally identifiable information about its customers and makes every effort to ensure that this information is not accessible to third parties.

Mailing lists:
Andattak uses a third-party mailing list system (Flodesk) to send out offers and innovations that the customer may be interested in. This service tracks activity related to these emails, whether they are opened, which links were opened, and whether a transaction resulted from opening these links. Andattak uses this service to analyze the level of participation received from these emails.

Mailing list data is stored on our service provider's secure web server.

Only the officers involved in Andartak's marketing matters. have access to email addresses on the mailing list and they are not shared with third parties in any case.

Attention is drawn to the fact that those who have registered on the Andartakin mailing list can remove themselves from the list in a simple way if they receive an email from the system.

If an e-mail is sent to Andartakin, we will process the information provided by the customer when sending the e-mail, such as the person's name and e-mail address. This data is not stored in databases and is not used later for marketing purposes.

Calls are not recorded.

However, personal information that appears in calls between customers and our staff may be recorded temporarily, such as name, phone number and address in the case of orders to be sent by post. Such information is deleted as soon as it is no longer needed, for example when the product has been sent to the post office. Under no circumstances is the information shared with Íslandspósti third parties, except where orders are sent by Íslandspósti


Orders from online store:
When ordering from our online store (www.andartakid.cmo) it is necessary to fill in your name, phone number, address, postal code and finally your email address. This information is only used to get the product to the right place and to contact the customer in case of problems, such as if a product is sold out. Under no circumstances is the information shared with Íslandspósti third parties, except where orders are sent by Íslandspósti. This information is not stored and is not used later for marketing purposes.

Your right:
i. Our customers have the right to know what information Andartakin has about them, how and for what purpose we use that information. Our customers can request to receive this information by communicating such a request to a store manager or through the email address

ii. Customers have the right to have their data corrected or deleted if there is no purpose in keeping the data longer.

iii. Special attention is drawn to the fact that the customer has registered you on Andartakid's mailing list. he has the possibility to unsubscribe from it by clicking on "unsubscribe" in the e-mails sent out by the mailing list system.

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